Mark Camilleri Gambin is technical director at Preeo Software and founder of Talexio. He loves to code, solve problems, read books, paint and computer gaming.

We have a great healthcare system, how do we make it better?
Business Comment
If we created a technical team purely focused on Providing Ubiquitous Care, we...
Remote but social: look at this way of keeping remote workers talking
Business Comment
Discord has enhanced our remote working experience at Preeo, especially...
Staying safe online in the age of remote working (even after COVID...)
Business Comment
With the significant increase in remote working, more people need to be aware...
Defining your company values will give you clearer decision-making
Business Comment
Company values may go a long way to bring a healthy dose of ethics, morality...
Even online gaming can be an antidote to social isolation
Technology has many benefits, and during such frustrating and perhaps lonely...
Accepting helplessness... and doing something about it
When it comes to mental health, we need to accept that there are conditions...
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