Miriam Dalli is a Labour MEP

A successful green hydrogen economy requires clear choices now
In this article, we elaborate on important choices that might not seem relevant...
Teleworking is helping us be more effective. Let’s keep it up
This is a perfect opportunity of us to put our heads together and think of what...
Note to EU: think, plan, act now on COVID recovery
As restrictive measures are slowly being eased with full realization that an...
Future-proofing our societies
Our people are resilient and entrepreneurial and can adapt to change when they...
The gender pay gap is real. We need action
The biggest failure of our society is treating equality as a women’s...
Miriam Dalli | Innovation in Malta’s next level
Europe 2019
Having a skilled workforce is quintessential. Innovation does not only entail...
Miriam Dalli | What 'together' should be all about
Europe 2019
Defending the national interest has become a core theme of this electoral...
It is the EU that must outsmart human traffickers
Smugglers operate on a business model, adapting their businesses to decisions...
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