Miriam Dalli is Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise

Bridging the corridors of energy connections
Europe depended on Russia for 40-45% of its imported gas and about a quarter of...
The stark reality
Our conscious price stability policy decision comes with a hefty cost to public...
ESG: corporate values that serve the common good
When corporate decisions are embedded in values, financial objectives can still...
Shaping the island’s charging EV infrastructure
A rapid transition would enable a faster route towards accessibility to charge...
A thousand proposals – one purpose
We want to sway board decisions towards prioritising green and environmental...
The green space next door
Creating green spaces in urban areas is essential for the wellbeing of...
It’s about a better economy, and it’s not stupid
We need to encourage this evolution in all other key sectors of our economy
The energy sector: 12 months on
 During this year, we encouraged households and businesses to invest more...
Malta, a start-up hub
Business Comment
Start-ups who today are taking their first glimpse at Malta must look closer at...
Delivering our vision
My target has been, and will continue to be, one: that of ensuring economic...
The green revolution can create new jobs
I intend to work to attract more firms that start seeing the local market as an...
Playing our part in the ecological transition | Aaron Farrugia, Miriam Dalli
We cannot ignore the consequential rise in pollution... such reversal is...
The pandemic could be Malta’s moment: we need to take stock now
We want to push for change. Ultimately, this can be Malta’s moment if we...
A successful green hydrogen economy requires clear choices now
In this article, we elaborate on important choices that might not seem relevant...
Teleworking is helping us be more effective. Let’s keep it up
This is a perfect opportunity of us to put our heads together and think of what...
Note to EU: think, plan, act now on COVID recovery
As restrictive measures are slowly being eased with full realization that an...
Future-proofing our societies
Our people are resilient and entrepreneurial and can adapt to change when they...
The gender pay gap is real. We need action
The biggest failure of our society is treating equality as a women’s...
Miriam Dalli | Innovation in Malta’s next level
Europe 2019
Having a skilled workforce is quintessential. Innovation does not only entail...
Miriam Dalli | What 'together' should be all about
Europe 2019
Defending the national interest has become a core theme of this electoral...
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