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Promises of tax reform and fiscal stimulus propels US stock markets to record highs

The main stock indices hit new intraday highs on Monday, led by banks and industrial stocks
The main stock indices hit new intraday highs on Monday, led by banks and industrial stocks

Hopes of an expansionary fiscal stance by the US government were strongly rekindled by President Donald Trump last week, setting the stage for a rally in stock markets which is – not unexpectedly – very pronounced in the US. The main stock indices hit new intraday highs on Monday, led by banks and industrial stocks.

Renewed optimism about the American economy took hold after a few sessions which saw the mood dampened by worries over a possible protectionist trade war brought about by recent policy statements by the Trump administration. The S&P 500 exceeded combined market capitalization of $20 trillion for the first time in its history. Data compiled by Reuters indicates companies listed on the exchange to be on track of strong quarterly earnings growth, possibly the highest in more than two years.

In the ‘biggest gainers’ space, Zeltiq Aesthetics surged after news that drugmaker Allergan is buying the company for around $2.5 billion. In per share terms, that’s approximately a 14% premium over Zeltiq’s close last Friday. Pretty good.

Du Pont spinoff Chemours also racked up double-digit gains after settling personal injury lawsuits for amounts on the lower end of expectations. Parent Du Pont, which was expected to chip in for a small portion of the damages, said it would pay half of the charges, lowering the overall burden for Chemours.


Oil fell heavily on Monday, despite a report by the oil-producing and exporting cartel countries that its members were showing a high-degree of compliance with last year’s deal to cut production.

Deeper than expected cuts by Saudi Arabia took overall compliance to around 93%, but the cuts were offset by a higher US oil rig count. The latter stands at around 591 rigs – a 15-month high – as rigs which previously shutdown due to low prices have been lured back by the rise in prices.

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