[WATCH] Lampuki bake with Jerusalem artichoke and breadcrumbs
Watch Michael Diacono make a lampuki bake topped with Jerusalem artichokes and...
[WATCH] Sea bass and scallop ceviche
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Jumbo prawns with mojo salsa
A great recipe utilizing local ingredients for a colourful dish
Asian fried lampuki fillets
Flavours of the Far East explode in tis tasty and simple dish
Home-made tortellini with prawns
A delicious starter with rich, balanced flavours
[WATCH] Prawn tartar with crushed almonds and lemon mayonnaise
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[WATCH] Grilled brandy prawns
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[WATCH] Prawn and avocado cockail
The 80s are creeping back in - high waist bands and skinny jeans. Watch Pippa...
Thai seafood soup with bok choy and coconut milk
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Seared duck breast, with apricot relish and bok choy
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Lampuki pie
Watch Pippa Mattei make a traditional lampuki pie. 
[WATCH]Lampuki and spinach salad with orange and pickled fennel
Watch Sean Gravina make a sautéed lampuki salad tossed in a raw baby...
[WATCH] Macadamia crusted lampuki fillets
Watch Sean Gravina make lampuki fillets with kale and a cucumber yoghurt. 
Beer-battered lampuki and aubergine chips
A fresh take on an old favourite
Carpaccio di calamari in a French dressing
A fresh and tasty starter with a citrus twist
Smoked salmon on Irish brown soda bread
Soda bread uses sodium bicarbonate in order to rise instead of yeast