Two arrested over cannabis possession

Police patrols in Marsa lead to arrests over the possession of cannabis

Two men have been arrested by police after being found in possession of a substance suspected of being cannabis.

Police said that in patrols by the Rapid Intervention Unit officers in Spencer Garden, Marsa, the two men were acting suspiciously.

When approached by the police, one of the men was seen hiding something. A search on their person revealed that a 37-year-old man from Niger was carrying 10 baggies containing cannabis.

A search on the other man, a 24-year-old from Nigeria also yielded more of the substance.

The two men were arrested and taken to the Floriana lock-up for further investigations.

Investigations by the drug squad are being carried out.

In other patrols in the area and in Hamrun led to further contraventions being issued. One person was not wearing a facemask, and another was breaking a by-law preventing the consumption of alcohol in the street.

Fines were also issued for traffic infringements.

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