Police warn of new scam texts circulating in Malta

The Malta Police Force is warning the public about a new scam text claiming to be from BOV, urging the public to ignore it

Scammers are pretending to be from BOV in a new form of scam text circulating across Malta and Gozo.

The Malta Police Force issued a warning and posted a screenshot of the scam text on Facebook.

The text claims that the receiver's debit card has been locked and directs them to a link to verify their banking information.

The police advise the public to ignore this scam and all similar texts.

The scam is similar to another text that was being circulated, pretending to be HSBC Malta.

The text would read that the person’s HSBC mobile account has been restricted, and that they must press on a link to verify their account.

Police had issued a warning on this scam last month, advising the public to ignore such texts.