Drug trafficker gets eight years and €23,000 fine

A man who was caught red-handed handling over 1,000 ecstasy pills has pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined €23,000 and imprisoned for eight years.

Jeffrey Zammit was imprisoned for eight years and fined €23,000 after pleading guilty to association to traffic ecstasy pills back in 2008.

Zammit was Monday morning expected to face a trial by jury, however he chose to admit to the charges rather than go to trial.

The case dates back to 2008 when together with Robert Cilia, the convicted had purchased 1,000 ecstasy pills. The two made arrangements to meet another person at Naxxar to sell him the drugs. However the police got to now about the drug deal and busted the deal. The pills were found in Cilia's possession.

This morning Zammit pleaded guilty to conspiring to traffic a large amount of ecstasy pills and also to being in possession of cannabis plants.

Mr Justice Michael Mallia presided.

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