No bail for alleged car stereo thief

The man was already in police custody for car theft when fresh charges emerged 

A man already in police custody for theft has been charged again, after police investigations found links to another incident of thievery.

Inspector Priscilla Caruana Lee arraigned Emmanuel Bianchi, 35, from Gzira, before magistrate Ian Vella this morning. Bianchi was already charged with theft from a car parked in Floriana, but during the police investigation, another case emerged and fresh charges were made.

This morning, Bianchi pleaded not guilty to having stolen a car stereo from a Peugeot parked in Floriana in October 2017. He also denied charges of relapsing.

Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia requested bail. However, the prosecution explained that the street address given by the accused did not to exist. He also refused to disclose his landlord’s name to the police, said the inspector.

The defence said that this notwithstanding, there was no fear of him tampering with evidence as the evidence is all scientific. He is also due to start drug rehab in the coming weeks, submitted the lawyer.

The court, however, denied bail and ordered the man be remanded in custody.