Passenger carrying undeclared cash fined, has money confiscated

The man was boarding a flight to Istanbul, Turkey

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man who was caught carrying some €4,000 in undeclared cash as he was boarding a flight to Istanbul Turkey has been fined €3,400 and had his money confiscated.

Mahammed Adbullah Ahmed Al-Wahasihi from Yemen was arrested on Saturday after he was discovered to have been travelling with €14,000 in different denominations.

According to Maltese law, any amount over €10,000 must be declared.

The man appeared before duty magistrate Aaron Bugeja on Sunday, pleading guilty to the charges of carrying an amount of money over the legal limit. He claimed not to have been aware of the law in Malta.

The cash over the legal limit was confiscated and the man was fined an additional €3,400 after being found guilty.

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