David Casa condemns Victor Vella’s suspension from editor

Suspended editor Victor Vella finds solidarity from Co-Chair of the European Parliament’s Media Working Group, David Casa

Nationalist MEP David Casa is co-chair of the EP's Media Working Group
Nationalist MEP David Casa is co-chair of the EP's Media Working Group

David Casa has condemned the suspension of l-orizzont editor Victor Vella, calling it an absurd decision by the General Workers Union in the face of government pressure.

“In my role as Co-Chair of the European Parliament’s Media Working Group, I would like to express my solidarity with Mr Victor Vella… It is clear that the pressure from the Labour government is reaching astronomical levels, even now with the suspension of Mr Vella as editor,” the Nationalist MEP said.

Vella was suspended from his work on trivial charges by the GWU’s subsidiary Union Print and is currently undergoing internal disciplinary proceedings.

The GWU has said that the issue that led to the suspension is administrative but sources close to the union have said that Vella was suspended because of editorial decisions he took to champion migrant rights, focus on precarious work, the cost of living and conditions of work.

Casa joins a chorus of disapproval for Vella’s suspension, including the Institute of Maltese journalists (IGM) and PEN Malta that condemned the decision.

“Despite our political disagreements, I do feel the need to speak up about the absurd decision of the General Workers Union to suspend one of theirs. I will continue to defend Maltese and other journalists around the world," Casa said.
He called on the GWU to withdraw its decision and for Vella to be re-instated again in his previous post.

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