Deportation rules must show humanity, Metsola says on Dismark case

“It’s a case that weighs on my heart… I just wish the way we apply the law showed some humanity,” Metsola said.

Roberta Metsola
Roberta Metsola

European Parliament president and Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola has said that Malta’s migration policy has to be applied “with humanity”, in a comment she passed as to the fate of Kusi Dismark, the Ħamrun barber slated for deportation.

Metsola, interviewed by RTK host Andrew Azzopardi, said immigration policy had to ensure people are not “left to die at sea” but commented on the Dismark deportation by saying that there should be a difference between laws and the way they are applied.

“It’s a case that weighs on my heart… I just wish the way we apply the law showed some humanity,” Metsola said.

While the MEP did not go further into the case, she said she “supports” Dismark’s cause.

Kusi Dismark, the Ħamrun barber who was detained a fortnight ago after 13 years living in Malta, will be deported today Friday.


Dismark was detained while working at his Ħamrun barbershop with authorities telling him he was subject to a removal order since 2011. Friends, neighbours and even his landlord had told Times of Malta that Kusi was a hard-working man, who in 13 years, had built a new life for himself by even studying for a course at MCAST and opening his own business in Ħamrun’s High Street. “I’m scared… terrified. I have to start life again at 37,” Kusi told the press.

The University of Malta’s Faculty of Education condemned the decision taken by the authorities to deport Dismark.

“Dismark is not an administrative mistake. He did not ask to be left in limbo for 13 years. Dismark tried to make a life for himself, and he succeeded in spite of his life’s circumstances. He managed to work, study and open a business, pay taxes and VAT due, became part of the multicultural community of Hamrun,” said Prof. Colin Calleja, dean of the faculty of education.

“The decision to deport him, albeit being within the law, is cruel and inhumane, and will destroy all that Dismark built in these 13 years. We call on the authorities to reverse their decision and allow Dismark to remain in Malta and continue to be of service to his community.”

The migrant community, assisted by NGOs including Aditus and Moviment Graffitti, will be organising a protest against Dismark’s deportation next Sunday. They are calling for the immediate release of Kusi Dismark, while also demanding an end to government raids which “detain and threaten to deport” law abiding members of the migrant community.

The protest will be held this Sunday, 25 February at 3pm at Ħamrun Square. The exact meeting point will be at Ħamrun Kiosk, where the march will begin and progress towards Valletta

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