[WATCH] Cassola: Third force or not, vows to be ‘thorn in the side’ of institutional arrogance

Independent politician Arnold Cassola says he will remain active in politics even after the 2024 European elections

Arnold Cassola (centre)
Arnold Cassola (centre)

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola was toasting a decent showing in first-count votes - at the time of writing unverified in number - by saying he would still remain active as an independent politician even after the 2024 elections.

“Five years ago I vowed to run for the European elections again following an altercation here at the counting hall, because I wanted to stand up to the arrogance of those who wanted me out of politics,” Cassola said.

Cassola said he would keep his ‘citizen-watch’ initiative active on Facebook. “I will be a thorn in the side for those who arrogantly wield power and want citizens to be simple puppets on a string, angling for government jobs and person-of-trust roles.”

“The same goes for honest companies that deserve meritocratic access to government tenders. We want a just society. I believe this election has shown that a section of the Maltese people, has voted for an independent candidate, that is me, and currently stands third-in-line after the two major parties.”

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