COVID-19 measures were always balanced, Prime Minister says

Prime Minister Robert Abela denies having a “two weights, two measures” approach during the COVID-19 pandemic

Precautionary measures against COVID-19 were always taken in collaboration with the health authorities, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Wednesday.

During a TV interview on the TVM News+ show Topik, Abela denied ever adopting a two weights, two measures approach throughout the pandemic.

“I don’t think there were two weights for two measures – but our restrictions were light,” Abela admitted.

He added that the first set of measures adopted in the first months of the pandemic were aggressive, with the closure of non-essential stores and a three-month closure of the airport.

“Health was the priority, and it remained the priority,” he remarked.

Abela said that all measures adopted throughout the pandemic were decided on collectively. Public health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci and Health Minister Chris Fearne would join Abela in meetings in order to take a balanced decision.  

“The science is crystal clear: till this day we have a stable situation that is under control, especially where the hospital is concerned.”

The interview was filmed a few days ago. Meanwhile, Malta registered 582 new cases on Wednesday and nurses are warning that the hospital is reaching breaking point.

Several medical associations are calling for stricter measures to be introduced in the hopes of stemming a spike in COVID-19 cases.

The Malta Association of Public Health Medicine warned that the hospital will be unable to cope with rising cases if no new measures are introduced. The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses called for the postponement of non-urgent surgeries at hospital, the closure of bars, and a curfew to fight the pandemic.