[WATCH] ‘I look forward to working with Roberta Metsola at EU level’ – Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela in Strasbourg for David Sassoli memorial ceremony, wishes Roberta Metsola good luck in her candidacy for President of the European Parliament

As the election for a new president of the European Parliament comes up, Prime Minister Robert Abela told journalists that he's looking forward to working with Roberta Metsola on a European level but also for the national interest.

“I would like to wish Roberta Metsola good luck and that she may succeed in her candidacy. I’m sure from tomorrow we can speak about her proudly as the President of the European Parliament."

Abela is in Strasbourg to attend a memorial ceremony for David Sassoli, who died on 11 January due to health complications following a bout of pnuemonia. 

While at the European Parliament, Abela met with Roberta Metsola personally in what he described was a 'positive meeting' with her.

"I know there were instances in the past. I won’t point fingers at who was right and who wasn’t. That is the past, I now look to the future to work with Roberta Metsola not only at a European level but also for the national interest.”

There was somewhat of a feud between Abela and Metsola after the Prime Minister refused to congratulate her when she was elected First Vice President of the European Parliament.

He justified his refusal to offer congratulations for her new appointment in the European Parliament by citing differences on the golden passport scheme.

However, he eventually expressed support for Metsola's bid for the European Parliament presidency.