'Electoral programme fruit of analysis and experience' - Busuttil

A run through of the PN's electoral programme was given during a televised interview with the PM and deputy leader.

"Every important change in Malta since independence has been thanks to the PN," Simon Busuttil said, during a televised interview together with Lawrence Gonzi.

"We were faced with the biggest financial and economic crisis of the century, yet Malta emerged practically unscathed," Busuttil said.

Speaking about the economy and job creation the Prime Minister said, "The government managed to created 20,000 jobs over five years, even though two of those years were spent in recession. If we experience five years of growth in the coming years we can create many more."

The interview mainly centred on the PN's electoral programme, launched last Friday.

Busuttil emphasised that the PN can be an agent of change, saying that many new candidates will be contesting this election, and he himself is a new face in the deputy leader position.

A run through was given of the key proposals found in the electoral commission, with Gonzi promising to leave more money in investors hands so as to stimulate economic growth.

On tablets, Gonzi spoke of a "perfect triangle between teachers, the children and parents," something that was said to be sorely lacking in the PL plan to give tablets to year four children.

The costings for the electoral programme will be published tomorrow, "a first in our electoral history" according to Gonzi.


Everyone knows that you wrote it in a week with some major points being included less than a day before it was approoved, Mr. Freudian Slip!
'Electoral programme fruit of analysis and experience'. More like the fruit of panic and hysteria Simon! Who do you think you are fooling? You are no less a liar than your BOSS. When HE comes thumbling down, so will YOU! Oh yes. I almost forgot. You have Plan B - goining back to your favourite role as MEP; i.e. to continue lying (as you yourself so eloquently pointed out on a TV debate). Good riddance.
Opposition parties are judged by proposals for the future. Governments are usually judged by PAST PERFORMANCE. - Dr. Franco Debono
Yes,the result of analysis, mismanagement, massive public debt, widespread complaints, corruption, failed promises, wishfull thinking, hypocrisy, and gangman style of statistical misinterpretation.
Every important change in Malta since Independence is due to the PN who sent all our fathers and our young skilled men to Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and in the process exiled them for years and years. That was a good thing because with lesser people on the Island they could boast of fewer persons unemployed. They gave our dockyard to Baileys and they ruined one of the biggest industries on the Island. They used the Catholic Church in Malta for their politics and they alienated 50% of the people from practicing Christianity. They left the Island penniless to the extent that the Labour Government of 1971 had to borrow money from Libya to pay the daily wages of our civil servants. PN members including their leader voted against the Republic constitution. By the way, Gonzi also voted against the will of the people when the referendum result of the people gave an overwhelming yes to the divorce bill. The only good thing that the PN did was to get rid of corruption in 1987 only to introduce it again en masse in the intervening years. OH, and by the way the PN got us into Europe only to leave us as lame ducks, flouting EU rules to please the bird shooters, flouting EU rules to by pass financial regulations, flouting EU rules to get funding for our youths thereby stopping EU Educational funds for almost a year, flouting EU rules on the environment with the Marsa Power Station still open and changing environment rules to allow Heavy Fuel Oil to allow the GONZIPN clique to get exhorbitant commissions on our backs and our money. Yes, the PN re-introduced corruption at every institution in the Country in the last 25 years. For this alone they are NO 1.
Priscilla Darmenia
“Electoral programme fruit of analysis and experience” said Busuttil. No wonder that the PN electoral manifesto is a fiasco. The GonziPN lost complete touch with the citizens and was not able to read the writing on the wall. How can one make good analysis when one is unable to see the plight of the citizens?
"Every important change in Malta since independence has been thanks to the PN” Now he knows that this is a blatant lie, although he did not come all the way from Europe to deliberately lie! But he wants to use this mantra hoping to lure undecided voters into the PN fold. I think what he means is that over the last four years ‘the most important change since independence was the astronomical proportions of our national debt, thanks to the PN’ and in this case the futur will be the mera tal- passat