Brussels newspaper calls for John Dalli’s reinstatement

Brussels-based newspaper New Europe calls for former commissioner John Dalli’s reinstated

Former commissioner John Dalli
Former commissioner John Dalli

The Brussels-based newspaper has, in a direct and hard-hitting editorial, called on the European Commission to reappoint former commissioner John Dalli, and for incumbent commissioner Tonio Borg to resign.

Basil Koronakis, the editor of the newspaper, penned the editorial in the wake of revelations that OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler had taken local lawyer Gayle Kimberly out to lunch shortly after having interrogated her.

Recently, it had also emerged that Kimberly was also requested by OLAF and the Maltese Police to stick to a fabricated version of events according to which she was claiming she had met with John Dalli in February 2012.

This particular detail had played a big part in Dalli's responsibility in the OLAF investigation that led to European President Jose Manuel Barroso's request for his resignation as Commissioner.

There are currently several European Parliamentary members that are also calling for Kessler's resignation, a former Italian magistrate that many have described as an amateurish demeanor.

Dalli, who has retuned to Malta, seems to have recovered from his recent illness, which stemmed from stress induced from his predicament.

While kicking off a series of judicial actions in Brussels, he has however refrained from commenting on the matter.

If G.Kessler and J.Barroso don't resign,John Dalli should be reappointed.And Tonio Borg will be the next PN Leader.