Government owes €21 million to pharmaceutical creditors

Government owes €21 million to pharmaceutical creditors for medicines, medical equipment, and disposables

The government currently owes €21,474,226 to pharmaceutical suppliers for the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and disposables, it emerged in parliament.

The information was unveiled by Health Minister Godfrey Farrugia in a parliamentary question asked by Nationalist MP Joe Cassar on Monday evening.

Farrugia said that the amount had been accumulated under the previous government up til the end of March.

Another 23 million to add to our debt after enemalta and schools debts. I wonder where the next hidden legacy we inherited from the PN of government departments and public entities owing money will surface. Will it be retirement homes, the works dept, MITA, the university, or some other institutions who have not yet paid for services rendered. My guess is as good as yours although each revelation must add to the headache of the Minister of Finance. Finanzi fis sod indeed it looks more like Dejn f'kull kantuniera.