Adrian Delia promises free vote on ethical and moral issues

The PN leadership candidate pledges to kick start parliamentary group debate on the moral and ethic issues that should be given a free vote in parliament

Adrian Delia
Adrian Delia

PN leadership hopeful Adrian Delia has pledged to allow a free vote in parliament on ethical and moral issues.

Delia is one of four candidates targeting the role at the helm of the Nationalist Party, which would make him leader of the opposition.

Addressing party members and councillors during separate meetings as part of his campaign tour, Delia insisted that the PN always believed in exercising freedom of speech.

“Some want to label us: liberal or conservative, right-wing or left-wing, the workers’ party or the elite’s. These labels mean nothing to us as the PN always was and will remain a bastion of democracy, a hub of ideas for the human’s development and a refuge to the worker, whatever the background,” Delia said.

“How can you label us conservatives when it was the Nationalist Party whom back in the 1950s fought for and achieved Independence? How can you call us liberals when we built our party on Demo-Christian values?”

In a press release issued through his campaign team, Delia said that the PN’s strength lay in its ability to unify diversity within the party.

“If the councilors and the rest of the party members choose me as their leader, I will immediately open discussions in the parliamentary group to decide on what moral and ethic issues shall the party give a free-vote in parliament,” he said.

“This is an important step to take so as everyone will feel at peace with their values and no one will be pressured to vote against their conscience.”

Delia also told his audience that, after deciding on what should be given a free vote in parliament, the PN would then approach the government the Democratic Party and urge them to declare a free vote on those issues.

“This is to eliminate partisan politics on such ethical and moral issues,” he said.