Union highlights ‘health hazards’ at Skola Sajf

New educators’ union highlights ‘health hazards’ and salary problems at government’s Skola Sajf programme

Hanging electrical wall mounts in classrooms
Hanging electrical wall mounts in classrooms
Clutter left in the corridor
Clutter left in the corridor
A dangling monitor in the classroom
A dangling monitor in the classroom

Disconnected electrical fittings, hanging monitors and filth in classrooms used by Skola Sajf students were highlighted in a series of photos released this afternoon by the Union of Professional Educators.

The union said it received “shocking information” from its members that depicted the deteriorating state of the working environment at Skola Sajf.

The union did not indicate in which school or schools the photos were taken but they depict health hazards for students and educators.

Union members reported that classes were filthy and messy, some with screws lying around, possibly a result of recent works.

“This is clearly an unsuitable environment for education purposes and may pose a health hazard to those concerned,” the union said in a statement.

It also complained that day-to-day resources for educators and play workers to use were lacking, leaving staff with no option other than to buy their own.

The union also noted that play workers were tasked to take care of special cases during extra hours without being paid due to staff shortages at the centres.

“This translates into special cases being cared for by untrained staff during extra hours,” the unions said.

Skola Sajf is a summer programme held in a number of State schools around Malta and Gozo.

The UPE also lamented what it described as “unacceptable delays” in the issuance of salaries for play workers by the Foundation for Educational Services.

The union said FES officials notified employees that the initial payment for those commencing Skola Sajf on 12 July was projected for 7 September, which it noted was in breach of employment regulations.

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