[WATCH] Adrian Delia renews call for Prime Minister’s resignation

‘Every minute Joseph Muscat remains in power, the country will continue to be damaged,’ Opposition leader Adrian Delia says

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has renewed his call for the Prime Minister to resign in a short TV address during which he also addressed a foreign audience in English.

The Opposition leader spoke in Maltese but at one point shifted to English in a bid to reach out to foreign media outlets that are covering the dramatic events in Malta.

“My duty is to be with the Maltese people at this critical time of chaos… the Times of London this morning described Malta as an island of corruption. Malta’s reputation has been destroyed and this is creating uncertainty in the country, among workers and investors,” Delia said.

He referred to this morning’s court ruling that gave the go ahead for a magisterial inquiry into the actions of minister Edward Scicluna, and former ministers Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi, in relation to the Vitals hospitals privatisation deal.

Switching to English, Delia said: “My country’s institutions are under attack. The institutions are hijacked by government. But this is not Malta. Maltese society is not corrupt. It is the government that is abusing its power. As an Opposition we want to restore rule of law,” Delia said.

Switching back to Maltese, he made another appeal to Joseph Muscat to resign. “Every minute Joseph Muscat remains in power, the country will continue to be damaged,” Delia said.