Jason Magro wins ASMK demolition 2017

Jason Magro won the 24th edition of the ASMK demolition

Photo: Mario Micallef
Photo: Mario Micallef

On Sunday 17th December 2017 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the pre- Christmas special program. This day’s event now is well established in the calendar of event of the Association. This 24th edition special event was held to raise funds for the Istrina. Though the day was dominated with various kinds of weather, the Management of the Association still held this important event with the participation of 80 competitors.

The day’s activities started as early as 8: 00 in the morning when the Motocross riders races in a special Fun Race. This consisted of One hour long race where 9 teams of two riders each obviously with two motorcycles. During this relay race the leading team was composed by Carmelo Borg (a veteran) on a Honda and young Mark Mamo on a Yamaha motorcycle. The other best overall team who finished in 2nd Overall was composed by Kyle Camilleri Falzon on a KTM and the Husqvarna of Krist Falzon who managed to cover 40 Laps during the one hour race while Borg and Mamo crossed the Finish Line first to dominate the day’s event.  Third place finishing team was composed by Clayton Camilleri and Ismael Briffa both on KTM motorcycles. Fourth place finishers was the team composed of James Zahra and Brandon Galea riding a Sherco and Honda motorcycles.

The Day continued with the fourth event of the National Autocross Championship where after the night rains of Saturday evening the Autocross competitors made spectacular races on ideal track conditions. 22 competitors divided into three classes mainly those for the Autocross Modified and the Standard classes together with a special Gozo Drivers race.

The Autocross Modified final of Class A was formed by Vince Farrugia on Volkswagen Polo, Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto, Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Andrew Pisani on Vauxhall Nova, Karl Micallef on a Ford Fiesta and Brandon Lee Vassallo on a Peugeot 205 .

During this final race we saw Pisani taking the lead and was followed by Farrugia and Micallef but by the end of the first lap Farrugia managed to take the helm of this final as he took advantage of making use of the Joker Lap early in the race while Micallef and Pisani followed by. The race continued and Pisani managed to advance on Micallef. It was noted too that during the race start referee had to issue a Warning Flag on Grech because of making contact with Zammit who consequently lost his placing in the race. The final result shows - Farrugia winning ahead of Pisani and Grech respectively. Fourth place finisher was Zammit and Vassallo came in fifth.

In the final of Class B we had this result: - Ryan Scicluna on his Ford Fiesta won the final race being followed by Keith Borg on a Vauxhall Nova and third placed Matthew Saliba on a  Volkswagen Polo.

From Final of the Standard Class Johann Vella driving his Opel Nova won this race ahead of Nicovich Chircop on a Peugoet 106. Third place was won by Kyle Agius on his Renault 5 while fourth place finisher is Jerome Peplow on Kia Avella.

From Final race of the Gozo Autocross drivers Christian Mercieca on a Daewoo Racer won the race followed by Larkin Scerri on Citroen AX. Third place was won by Marvic Sultana on a Toyota Starlet while fourth place was Mario Attard on a Ford Fiesta.

Yet, the Association waited for some time but at 3: 30pm the attention was drawn to the Demolition Derby to start as scheduled. From the 42 registered competitors 38 drivers made it to the starting line of the Demolition.

The competitors of the Demolition Derby were Jonathan Cassar on Hyundai Stellar, Kevin Barbara on Hyundai Stellar, Micheal Delia on a Lada, Charles Mallia on a Ford Escort, Brian Grech on a Lada, Justin Grima on a Lada, Francis Bugeja on a Volvo, Deneckmar Fenech on a Daewoo , Clint Farrugia on a Hyundai, Leo Butler on a Toyota, Stefen Farrugia on a Volvo, Edward Zammit on a Lada, Brian Lawrence Mascari on a Volvo, Jonathan Abela on a Volvo, Mauro Cassar on a Lada, Chris Cremona on a Volvo, Marlon Caruana on a Datsun, Wayne Mallia on a Kia Clarus, Dayan Aquilian on a Lada, Frans Butler on a Mercedes, Mario Butler on a Volvo, Jason Magro on a Volvo, Carl Mizzi on a Volvo, Larkin Butler on a Volvo, Philip Mangion on a Lada, Axel Grech on a BMW, Fabian Buhagiar on a BMW, Charles Falzon on a Hyundai Pony, Aldo Galdes on a Hyundai Stellar, Glenn Borg on a Marina, Horatiu Cremona on a Lada, Jurgen Camilleri on a Datsun, Nigel Mercieca on a Volvo, Oliver Camilleri on a Marina, the Marina of Brandon Gilford, Daniel Licari on a Hyundai Stellar, Kurt Scicluna on a Standard Ensign and Clive Butler on a Toyota Crown.

On wet track to add the safety of the competitors and the hundreds of spectators in the paddocks who attended to see the 24th edition of the Demolition Derby that was more crowded by the number of cars than last year. With the strike of 3: 35pm the Start signal to start the Demolition was given and the cars drove for two exhibition laps on the wet track. This was a spectacular moment and soon we saw these cars offer spectacular collisions before they were to be discarded as scrap metal. Among them stood a modern Volvo car driven by Jason Magro who besides the beautiful sound of the engine it started making beautiful maneuvers to receive the bumps and bruises by other cars on track. It was a spectacular display.

After a little less than 50 minutes the race ended between two cars; the Volvo driven by Magro and another Volvo driven by Mascari. They both made 8 minutes and see who will struggle the punishment of the final blow which will decide the winner and who is the Runner-up. A few seconds before the end of this demolition Brian Mascari stepped on Jason Magro who is declared as the winner of this 24th edition on his Volvo race car. His runner up finisher is Mascari Brian Lawrence on another Volvo.

Meanwhile the Association announced that ASMK Championships will continue on Sunday 14 January 2018 and ASMK also announced that the next Demolition will be that of small cars and will take place on Sunday 18 March 2018. The Administration wish to thank all participants and helpers who were somehow involved in this event. ASMK also extends best wishes for Christmas and the New Year of 2018.