Football fun outside parliament places PN on the defensive
PN approves more general election candidates
'Families paying the price for government scandals' - PN
'Public concerned over startling crime rates' – PN
PN announces Independence Day activities
‘Police officers are victims of political interference, conspiracies’ – Simon Busuttil
No redress for PN’s ‘justified’ complaint on PBS, says Broadcasting Authority
'Opposition is against everything, at all costs' - PL
Were earlier school hours part of the roadmap? - PN
Updated | Chris Fearne says figures in leaked hospital report were 'misinterpreted'
PN says private sector should remain driving force of local economy
Trip down memory lane…
Raphael Vassallo
PN, PL women branches clash over embryo freezing, surrogacy
[WATCH] PN claim Sammut's fraud charges proof of 'institutionalised corruption'
Updated | PN urges better management at Correctional Facility
‘Without guarantee, Joseph Muscat would have had to resign’ – Busuttil
[WATCH] Gafferenas were PN donors, but never got any favours - Fenech Adami
Alleged Palazzo Verdelin expropriation under investigation
[WATCH] PN questions legitimacy of €88 million ElectroGas banking guarantee
[WATCH] ‘Government has wrong priorities’, PN says over expropriations
'Electrogas guarantee casts doubt over BOV leadership' - PN
[WATCH] Working pensioners could take up job opportunities for the young- ForUM
[WATCH] Opposition ready to delay recess to allow second reading of MEPA demerger bills
PN receive 563 complaints of political discrimination in three months
Updated | PN motion calls for full transparency on energy agreements
This is 2015, not 1981…
Raphael Vassallo
[WATCH] New local enforcement agency ‘eradicates subsidiarity’ – PN
At a crossroad, the PN needs a strong dose of confidence
Labour MP to address PN rally at Zonqor Point later today
'PL is wasting time and obstructing justice' - PN
PN loses elections’ constitutional case, must file case anew
Government says the opposition is 'panicking' and 'scared of a major scandal'
PN requests discussion on Zonqor project in parliamentary committee
Building the electoral machine for 2018
A blessing in disguise for the PN
Busuttil favours a non-parliamentarian for the job of PN secretary general
42 candidates vying for 18 seats on PN executive
'PBS has become Labour's strategic weapon' - PN
PN urges police to take action on alleged breaches in Gozo
PN urges special attention to school children after long absences