Said vows to reintroduce ‘mother’ and ‘father’ into law when in government
Adrian Delia ‘would not be good’ for PN, AZAD head says
Francis Zammit Dimech to contest the European Parliament elections in 2019
PN slams government for claiming 2012 housing scheme for its own
Chris Said outlines his vision of an economy with the family at its centre
PN executive committee will not sanction Edwin Vassallo for defying whip on Marriage Equality Bill
PN executive committee will not sanction Edwin Vassallo for defying whip on Marriage Equality Bill
Chris Said invites other PN leadership contenders to joint social activity
Hermann Schiavone joins list of candidates supporting Adrian Delia for PN leader
Education policy to be 'absolute priority' for PN under Chris Said
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Make up your own quotes. That’s what leaders do
At least five candidates seek to take Comodini Cachia’s seat in the European Parliament
The door is always open
Frank Psaila
The door is always open
Frank Psaila
‘What the leader says, goes’
Raphael Vassallo
The first law of holes
Michael Falzon
Busuttil confirms PN will support Marriage Equality Bill – despite concerns
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One-hit wonder
PN promise tax rebates on green roofs, cheaper fuel and no LNG tanker
PN promises animal wefare council, stricter laws and pet cemetery
Three medical consultants to contest on PN ticket
Josie Muscat, Comodini Cachia to run on PN ticket
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The problem of corruption will not be solved with an election – Busuttil