Bring on 2023: artists, celebs and performers give us their New Year wish-list

Artists, celebs and performers give us their 2023 wish-list

Julie Pomorski, Singer

I want to see more calmness. Tranquillity in general. From fewer people fighting in the street to less tension and pressure to complete all tasks!

It’s difficult for me since my life has already degraded like this, but that’s precisely what I want: less craziness and more serenity.


Joseph Refalo, Singer

2023 should mark the return of our positive vibes, empathy, and, most importantly, kindness.

The world has changed dramatically during the last few years. The present Russia-Ukraine conflict, climate change, and so on. This, I feel, caused a lot of undetected tension and negative thoughts in our minds.

It had a big influence on all of us, and I feel that many of us lost how to demonstrate empathy and, most importantly, the significance of being kind.

Nothing can change what is occurring, but I believe we can influence how things are handled by demonstrating empathy for one another and being nice on a regular basis.

I recognise that our surroundings do not encourage us to project positive thoughts, but it takes nothing, to be more compassionate and mindful of what we can do to make a better tomorrow.


Mark Spiteri Lucas, Composer

I’d like to see more accepting and mature people who don’t use social media to offend others.

More open-minded individuals who talk with their minds rather than the minds of their political party.

People who understand and exhibit compassion rather than hate and condemn while behaving like religious paladins.

People who do not wear masks or are double-faced.

I want people to be positive but practical.


Cherylis, Singer

I’d like for everyone to have an optimistic outlook on life. To live day by day and perhaps worry less.


Drakard, Singer and actor

I feel that the most harmful thing among young people is apathy, therefore I urge us to be conscious of what is going on around us.

For example, we could pay attention to the environmental damage we do by the way we spend our lives, or we can keep our language alive by speaking it and respecting it.

I strongly believe we young people are capable of causing waves of positive change if we are all aware of what has to be done and, ultimately, are not oblivious to the problems that plague our society.


Keith Demicoli, TV Presenter

The primary change I would like to see in 2023 is an increase in reading and physical activity, which should become an integral part of Maltese culture.

Reading fosters creativity and improves a person’s capacity to conduct more critical analysis.

Aside from physical appearance, physical exercise provides several mental health advantages. In the midst of all this commotion, mental health deserves far more attention and care.

On a personal level, I’d like to start making more time for reflection.


Louis Andrew Cassar, Baritone, tenor

In general, I want to live in a less suffocated nation. Every roadway is clogged with traffic, and we hardly have room to breathe.

This brings me to my wish for greater awareness of the environment. There should be an increase in natural influence where there is development. For instance, more tree or plants plantation.

Culture wise,I appreciate that we have returned to "normality," but there has to be better event management. Everything is occurring all at once right now.

I’ve also heard from friends who say that because there are so many events happening at the same time, they can’t go to all of them, for the simple reason that their budget would limit them from buying all tickets.


Olivia Lillith, Drag artist, actor

I would like to experience more acceptance towards diversity.

I believe that 2023 should be the year when people focus more on sharing love rather than hate speech and judgements, particularly on social media.

Furthermore, as a drag artist, I hope that 2023 brings with it a lot more opportunity for artists like myself to express ourselves in whichever way we choose.


Emanuel Tabone, Actor

As 2022 comes to a close I can honestly say that 2023 will be welcomed with open arms. Every new year brings with it new goals and ambitions, however 2023 will be extra special as it is the year, I will be fulfilling a dream move to America and build an acting career in the American market.

After working on numerous productions in Malta, I have been shown how blessed I am with all that I have learnt and who I have learnt it from.

We have some unbelievable talent on the island and 2023 will bring with it a test that I crave, to use all I’ve learnt and take my career to new heights.

That being said the hardest part will be leaving my family behind, but their support is something that pushes me forward and gives me a sense of safety as I know that I will always have them to turn to, no matter how far apart we may be.

Luckily for me I will be taking this journey with my beautiful wife. She is my rock and my anchor as well as being my absolute gem of a partner. With this new adventure I hope the new year will bring with it all the opportunities available, the building blocks to build a beautiful life with my wife and the excitement of a prosperous future filled with love, risk and most of all life.


Simone Spiteri, Playwright, director and actor

The greatest significant change I would like to see in 2023 is more tolerance.

When you consider all of man’s advancements, and at what rapid rate they have been made, I am shocked at how we are still so resistive to tolerance for the experiences, needs, and realities of others that may differ from ours.

This also applies to the environment around us.

On a personal level, rather than change, I want and hope to continue growing, learning and sharing the things which make me who I am with those closest to me, those whom I love and respect.


Lara Calleja, Author and activist

I want to see significant consideration given to bureaucratic procedures in police and courts.

Many individuals are suffering as a result of the length and lack of resources in these processes.

Mostly, people who are victims of domestic abuse, as well as others in vulnerable situations, who rely on, or are influenced by, the state’s lengthy processes.

I would also like to start working on other rhetoric when it comes to women. Despite the fact that the woman is a victim, and we have heard horror stories in recent years.

We must also begin working on a woman’s rhetoric in which she is powerful, driven, and influential.

Women who are not afraid to be who they want to be. A confident woman who speaks what she wants and is not defined by anyone.

This rhetoric should be available to all women, regardless of age, education, or social standing. This is something we can do through education, activities, and other social and/or educational means.


L-attriċi Kristjana Casha, fil-produzzjoni 'Zoom' ta' Tyrone Grima u Joseph Galea Lofreda
L-attriċi Kristjana Casha, fil-produzzjoni 'Zoom' ta' Tyrone Grima u Joseph Galea Lofreda

Kristjana Casha, Actor

When it comes to domestic violence legislation, it is where I would like to see the most change.

Anyone whose occupation or line of work in any way puts them in touch with victims of domestic abuse should be given a thorough examination, in my opinion.

In addition, I want the perpetrators of this crime to face considerably heavier punishment and the victims to receive actual assistance.

Unfortunately, we have not caught up enough in this regard.

Garbage is another issue I have with this island. We must be prouder of what belongs to us and take better care of it.


Michela Galea, Singer, actor, former Miss World Malta

Personally, I would like to have another year packed with more great experiences, both in the theatre and in music.

Despite all of the tasks I have planned for this year, I would like to take some time for myself and enjoy life in a more serene manner.

In general, I would like us to be less judgmental and more cautious about what we say on social media.

Finally, I would like to see more togetherness among all of us.