Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia tele-voting: the three countries that supported Malta

Ira Losco's 'Walk on Water' finished third in Tuesday's semi-final behind competition favourites Russia and Armenia but song struggled in the tele-vote

Armenia, Azerbaijan and Australia were the only three countries that gave Malta’s Ira Losco any points during the Eurovision final tele-voting process.

As in Tuesday’s semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Losco’s ‘Walk on Water’ was a hit with the jury as it earned 137 votes in yesterday’s grand final. However, the tele-voting proved to be Losco’s Achilles Heel as Malta managed to garner a measly 16 points.

In the jury vote, Malta got 12 points from Montenegro and 10 each from Austria, Hungary and Serbia. Losco also received eight points from Armenia and Russia, seven points from Sweden, and Bulgaria, as well as six points each from Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Spain.

Other points were received from Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, San Marino. Malta’s entry therefore earned a total of 137 points from the jury vote, ranking fourth in total.

On the other hand, in the tele-voting, Malta received five points each from Armenia and Azerbaijan, and six points from Australia.

In the semi-final [see table below], Losco’s song once again proved to be a hit with the Armenian and Azerbaijani voters, garnering 10 points and eights points respectively from the tele-voting process. Losco also received votes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Moldova, Moldova, Montengro, Russia, Spain and the Netherlands.

Losco was also a hit with the jury votes, as she received the maximum points from Armenia, Austria, and Hungary. In total, Malta’s song received 155 points from the jury votes and 54 from the tele-voting.

The results meant Ira Losco finished third in Tuesday’s semi-final with a total of 209 points behind competition favourites Russia and Armenia, who went on to finish third and seventh respectively.

Malta’s jury in the semi-final gave its 12 points to Armenia and 10 votes to Russia, while the maximum points of the tele-voting went to Russia, while Montenegro got 10. In the final, Malta’s jury gave its maximum points to the United Kingdom and the 10 points to Bulgaria, while the tele-voting points were as follows: Australia, 12 points; Russia, 10 points; Bulgaria, 8 points; Italy, 7 points; Azerbaijan, 6 points; Hungary, 5 points; Ukraine, 4 points; the Netherlands, 3 points; France, 2 points; UK, 1 point.

Losco returns to Malta this afternoon at around 5pm. Bookmakers considered Russia as outright favourites to win this year's Eurovision Song Contest, while Malta was consistently favourite to be at least among the Top 10. Losco's result on Saturday was therefore considered as a disappointment by some of her fans, but many observers argued that this year's songs were among the best in recent years.


Country Jury points Tele-voting points
Armenia 12 10
Austria 12 0
Azerbaijan 4 8
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 5
Croatia 7 1
Cyprus 8 5
Czech Republic 8 1
Estonia 8 2
Finland 8 0
France 10 0
Greece 4 1
Hungary 12 4
Iceland 6 4
Moldova 6 5
Montenegro 10 4
Russia 8 2
San Marino 5 0
Spain 7 1
Sweden 10 0
The Netherlands 8 1
Total 155 54