Karl Azzopardi is deputy online editor and an IGM press awards (Human Stories) winner of 2019

Customs intercept 3kg of marijuana on a passenger arriving from Barcelona
The marijuana was found in the possession of a passenger arriving to Malta from...
New SUV car fleet for police Rapid Intervention Unit
New SUV vehicles for police Rapid Intervention Unit have larger engine...
Repubblika calls for interim technocrat government to get Malta off FATF greylist
Civil society group Repubblika call for an interim technocrat government which...
From ‘perfect storm’ to de-risking cost, gaming supremos share fears about Malta greylisting
Tech & Gaming
[LISTEN] Investors, fintech and remote gaming brains on the iGaming NEXT...
Trans athletes in sport: debate on ‘unfair advantage’ divides athletes and supporters
Some women athletes think they could be disadvantaged competing against...
No new COVID-19 cases registered on Sunday
COVID-19 update for 27 June | 0 new cases • 2 recoveries • 28 active...
Ambulance involved in Tal-Barrani crash, one man injured
Court & Police
Commuters asked to steer clear of Tal-Barrani road after southbound lanes were...
Opposition leader says greylisting is Labour government’s fault
Nationalist leader Bernard Grech says Prime Minister Robert Abela’s...