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Former 'golden passports' chief appointed Enemalta CEO
Enemalta shake-up sees its CEO replaced by the former chief of the Individual...
Gozitan public sector workers in Malta almost treble since 2013
1,379 Gozitans were engaged in the public sector in Malta during 2020, almost...
Kirxa and mazzita is back on the menu!
€100,000 investment for first animal by-product treatment to...
COVID-19: 18 new infections, no patients in ITU
13 October COVID-19 update | 18 new cases • 285 active...
No swimming warning: sewage leak at Qui-Si-Sana being investigated
The Environmental Health Directore warns against swimming at Qui-Si-Sana in...
Metro feasibility study vague on alternative options assessment
In full operation, Malta metro will have an annual net cost of €43 million...
Debt growing to sustain public spending, says Opposition leader
Budget 2022
PN leader said that the budget only caters for the present day and does not...
Budget 2022 |  Income tax rates for artists to go down to 7.5%
Budget 2022
For tax purposes, artists' income will be calculated over a three-year...