Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

EU summit prevents ‘rule of law’ MEPs from meeting Muscat
Calendar fail for MEPs in rule-of-law follow-up in Slovakia and Malta as both...
Miriam Dalli hits out at Tajani’s ‘partisan games’ for comparing Malta with Hungary
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli has taken exception to statements by Antonio Tajani...
Tajani defends Forza Italia’s support of Hungary: ‘Rule of law breaches worse in Malta’
Tajani defends Fora Italia MEPs' decision not to vote against Hungary:...
Tajani speechwriter Peter Agius announces candidature for PN MEP
Former Malta head of European Parliament office now spokesperson for Antonio...
Casa seeks EU deal on law to give Maltese dads 10 days of paid paternity leave
The Nationalist MEP is negotiating a new EU law with Council members on...
Maltese catholics told to reduce, reuse and recycle for ‘Season of Creation’
Church environment commission calls upon citizens to cooperate with waste...
Daniel Holmes, Welshman sentenced to 10 years for cannabis trafficking, released from jail
Daniel Holmes, cause célèbre for the legalisation movement...
Alfred Sant does not vote on Hungary censure: ‘MEPs’ methods with Malta were crassly biased’
Labour MEP Alfred Sant said that while recognising Viktor Orban’s...

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