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Stellini resignation: MPs say Gozo’s Kevin Cutajar should fill seat
Nationalist MPs say Gozo MP David Stellini’s seat should be co-opted by...
[WATCH] Nationalist MP David Stellini resigns, paving the way for co-option of new MP
Europe 2019
‘I don’t like Maltese partisanship’ says Nationalist MP whose...
Minister calls urgent meeting with Mizzi over ‘Muslim invasion’ interview
No resignation yet from Guardian of the Future Generations Maurice Mizzi over...
MFSA stops e-payments platform belonging to Hungarian businessman
Business News
Panama Papers had unearthed questionable due diligence of Hungarian...
Labour’s majority has ‘shrunk’ to 42,000… and Lowell wins the ‘third party’ battle
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Here are the four things you need to know about the results of the European...
[WATCH] Muscat: Labour victory a sign that voters do not want MEPs ‘working against Malta’
Europe 2019
Joseph Muscat addresses supporters outside Mile End headquaters
Cassola: Muscat and Delia ‘shameless hypocrites’ on racism they fomented
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Independent candidate issues statement after voting closes accusing party...
Armed Forces of Malta rescues 216 migrants at sea
12 migrant boats disembark in Sicily, Sardinia and Lampedusa