Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Minister says OECD claim that passport buyers get tax refunds ‘mistaken’
Business News
Finance minister Edward Scicluna said an OECD claim that IIP beneficiaries had...
Air Malta pays pilots €360 for every off-day they are denied
Airline says pilots are insisting that apart from payment, they get to...
Ministry says 3,000 cars less on the road with uptake of free school transport
5,000 more students using free transport, auditors say economic benefit is of...
Brexit effect: 65% of Maltese say they would vote to stay in the EU
New public opinion survey shows that EU is ‘more appreciated than...
Malta’s low tax on foreign assets makes golden passport ‘high-risk’, says OECD
With its 5% effective tax on remitted profits and leniency on physical presence...
Chamber wants passport cash to be used for multi-modal transport system
Business News
Budget proposals by Chamber of Commerce call for marketing campaign to promote...
Prime Minister tables €100 an hour contract for Labour MP
When your hour is worth €100 of taxpayers’ money...
MFSA appoints auditors to monitor Satabank ‘in proper conduct of business’
Business News
Auditors EY will advise and monitor Satabank in the proper conduct of its...

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