Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Chris Fearne fires first public ‘appeal’ calling on Muscat to stay on
Looks like the first ‘don’t go’ tribute to Labour leader and...
Augustinians rent out St George’s Bay land to Bay Street for 12-storey hotel extension
Land owned by Augustinian friars inside St Julian's residential buffer...
Labour MPs grill Fenech Adami over ‘recommended’ constituents for Wasteserv jobs
To-and-fro between Labour MPs and Beppe Fenech Adami delivers little beyond...
Major sewage upgrade allows live monitoring of wastewater
Expansion of ‘new water’ supply to south of Malta will see treated...
Greens warn of unilateral action on migration from Italy’s Salvini
‘Malta needs EU allies on migration’, says Alternattiva Demokratika...
Adrian Delia denies in court taking sneaky €86,000 fee in dispute with former client
Court & Police
The PN leader says no ‘bill’ was presented beforehand for a...
Magistrate interviewed ‘hundreds’ over Egrant
Aaron Bugeja, the inquiring magistrate investigating allegations that the Prime...
Valletta 18 boss in unprovoked Facebook spat with Brikkuni frontman
Valletta 2018
Brikkuni frontman’s Mario Vella’s classic comeback to Jason...
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