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Valletta 18 boss in unprovoked Facebook spat with Brikkuni frontman
Valletta 2018
Brikkuni frontman’s Mario Vella’s classic comeback to Jason...
V18 denies Nazzjon claim of €300,000 grant for Azzopardi production
Valletta 2018
PN organ claimed V18 director got €300,000 for film adapted from his...
Marlene Mizzi to call it a day in European politics
The Labour MEP declared she will not run again for the European elections in...
Delia settles €81,000 tax bill with sale of shares and Siggiewi property
Opposition leader sells Aequitas shares and rescinds on €88,000...
Malta firms accused of ‘currency smuggling’ by Libyan Audit Bureau
The LAB said 44 Libyan companies and 24 foreign companies could be involved in...
Pilatus owner Ali Sadr Hasheminejad out on bail
The banker, who was arrested in March and charged on several counts of...
[WATCH] Italy police bust poachers who smuggled songbirds to Malta
The organised group from Reggio Calabria had built up a network of illegal...
Prosecutor says Pilatus set up with ‘criminal proceeds’ from sanctions-busting Venezuela housing project
Updated with reaction from David Casa | Prosecutors opposing Ali Sadr...
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