Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Desk jobs fuel thirst for office space in Malta
Between 2014 and 2017, desk-based employment grew from 33,312 to 46,763, a...
Gozitan cardiac patient died because of helicopter delay, MP insists
Nationalist MP Chris Said calls for an independent inquiry into alleged delays...
Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi hit by €800,000 garnishee
Court amends €800,000 garnishee order against Jason Azzopardi to release...
Former IIP executive sets up ‘’ for passport hunters
Business News
Agius passed through the revolving door by devising an online platform that...
Maladministration in Brussels: EC must develop new procedure to avoid ‘Selmayrgate’
EU Ombudsman find four instances of maladministration after the rubber-stamping...
Maltese band clubs spend over €4 million to deliver 1,200 performances in 2017
Band clubs in Malta in 2017 had over 22,000 members and a total income of...
Passport boss says Malta verifying all sources of millionaires’ wealth
Malta’s Individual Investor Programme has generated over €680...
Muscat gives MEP candidate Cyrus Engerer new EU role
Labour’s MEP candidate gets advisory role after his Brussels resignation

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