Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Updated | Exit programme for sex workers will help victims of prostitution rebuild their life
First in raft of proposals dealing with sex trade to be issued by government
Hunting lobby claims BirdLife International manipulated Turtle Dove populations
Hunters say reclassification of Turtle Dove to vulnerable species was made...
Government protests MEP’s ‘partisan’ letter ‘effectively accusing’ minister of murder
Maltese government accuses Nationalist MEP David Casa of effectively accusing...
X Factor’s ‘menglish’ mess ignores the reality of Malta’s majority-spoken language
Critics say X Factor’s ‘menglish’ was ugly, X Factor...
Inside the forgotten Knights’ Ospizio: How Malta will make its mark in the art world
Deep inside the belly of the Msida bastions, excavations are paving the way for...
[WATCH] Muscat calls Busuttil ‘fraudster’, former PN leader insists PM owns Egrant
Outburst during question time leads to spat between Joseph Muscat and Simon...
PN media boss accuses Delia’s wife of being ‘weaponised against the party’ in public spat
Forget the Fattigi soap on Net TV... this public Facebook spat...
Update 3 | Witnesses claim Cardona was with Alfred Degiorgio at 2017 party, minister calls reports smears
Daphne Project says fuel smuggling subject first called Daphne Caruana Galizia...

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