Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Malta wealth managers named in Venezuelan graft probe
MaltaToday has learnt that Portmann Capital Management Limited is the...
Leatherback turtle died of pneumonia, but weakened by ingested plastic
Plastics found in intestines of leatherback turtle weakened animal before it...
Candles on Sliema beach spell out ‘justice’, 10 months from Caruana Galizia assassination
Activists from Occupy Justice place candles on Sliema beach to form words...
Updated | Two more storks killed in Malta, Birdlife: half of flock missing due to illegal hunting
Two more White Storks are killed days after a poacher is charged with the...
Malta rescues 35 migrants in distress after Italy refuses to intervene
Italy refused to rescue a boat carrying children despite being in international...
Maltese investment firm implicated in Maduro money laundering investigation
Venezuelan money laundering network used Maltese firm for €511 million...
Pilatus shareholders demand control of bank
Pilatus want swift wind-up of bank, MFSA refusing to divulge concerns that...
Elderly home PPP is a direct order, but its label could have been misleading
A disputed clause in the St Vincent de Paul PPP told bidders to provide an...

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