Mistra ridge mega-project has permit renewed

The development was granted a permit with a five-year validity back in 2013 and would have lost all legal validity had it not been renewed

The Planning Authority has approved the renewal of a permit for 744 apartments on four terraced blocks, which will rise to 12 storeys on the Mistra ridge instead of the former Corinthia Mistra Village. No changes were made to the plans

Three board members, namely PN representative Marthese Portelli, Timothy Gambin and Victor axiak voted against. The remaining six board members present voted in favour.

The permit, issued in 2013 was valid for five years and had it not been renewed, would have lost any legal validity.

Pertinent to this case was the Floor Area Ratio policy which was approved in 2014 and which excludes high-rise development on ridges.

The policy does not list Mistra as one of the localities where over 10-storey buildings are permitted. The project was not assessed according to the floor area ratio, meaning that the fact that the development would be situated on a ridge was not a factor.

Gambin did point out that the project would not have been approved under the current policy. Portelli raised similar concerns, while ERA chairman Victor Axiak raised the point that the authority had reiterated its concerns regarding air quality and noise.

The massive project includes a total floorspace of 134,600sq.m including a residential complex composed of 744 units, retail (1,800sq.m.) restaurants (990sq.m.), offices (150sq.m.), a spa (1,900sq.m.), pool clubhouse (1,200sq.m) and 1,617 car parking spaces. A total footprint of 28,000sq.m is dedicated to open space with a communal outdoor pool (430sq.m.). These commercial areas were considered as public areas.

An outline permit was issued in 2009. Following a 20% reduction in the number of apartments, a full permit was issued in 2014. 

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