Health authorities launch coronavirus symptoms app

Health Minister Chris Fearne is inviting the public to try the new app and monitor their symptoms 

A new app to monitor possible symptoms of COVID-19, and establish whether persons need to take the test has been launched. 

Taking to social media on Thursday, Health Minister Chris Fearne invited the public to check their symptoms and take the test if needed – aimed at further controlling COVID-19. 

The app features questions which will help assess the user’s risk of being infected and provided guidance based on the situation.

Users will receive further suggestions on how to behave on the basis of their replies.

The information asked, is non-invasive, users are asked to give their age; and their locality, with the latter not compulsory.

The user's answers will also help the Superintendence of Public Health assess and predict the spread of the virus in Malta.

Users can take the questioner for themselves, but also for other relatives.

On Wednesday there were five new cases of COVID-19; with 463 cases since the start of the pandemic.

Take the questionnaire for yourself at