Woman accused of robbing 77-year-old

A woman has been charged with robbing a 77-year-old lady in Paola last month

A woman has been charged with robbing a 77-year-old lady in Paola last month.

Tiziana Attard, 33, of Tarxien was arraigned before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this morning, accused of having stolen a number of items and handling stolen goods.

Attard was charged with committing aggravated theft of electronics, game consoles, audio equipment and other items from Paola on 14 July. The charges were aggravated by means and value of the objects stolen. She was also accused of stealing a handbag, which charge was aggravated by time, as well as with causing voluntary damage to a car. One of Attard’s victims was a 77-year-old woman, police inspector Paul Camilleri told the court.

Attard’s lawyer Victor Scerri asked the magistrate to allow him to approach the bench, but his request was refused. “I do everything in open court,” said Magistrate Frendo Dimech. The accused, who told the court that she was a snack bar employee, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The defence requested bail, pointing out that the woman didn’t know her victim, but Inspector Camilleri informed the court that there were several witnesses yet to testify, including the elderly woman.

The court, in view of the serious nature of the offences and the fact that there were witnesses yet to testify, denied the woman bail.