Man admits to stalking, harassing ex-partner

He has been placed under a restraining order after admitting to spying on his ex-partner in a bid to re-establish contact with her

An obsessed ex has been placed under a restraining order and ordered to submit to treatment after admitting to having stalked his former partner over the span of several months.

The accused, a 40-year-old self-employed man from Attard, was arraigned before magistrate Monica Vella this morning by police inspector Omar Zammit, who charged the man of harassing and stalking the woman, after their 12-year relationship ended.

He was also charged with having shadowed the woman’s movements, lying in wait for her and spying on her in a bid to re-establish contact. Additional charges of misuse of electronic communications equipment and disobeying a legitimate order were also made by the prosecution.

The man entered a guilty plea.

In view of the accused’s admission, the court conditionally discharged him for one year, also imposing a restraining order, together with a treatment order.

Lawyer Martin Fenech was defence counsel.