Man charged after Hamrun motorcycle theft

The man tried evading the police after getting stopped for driving without a helmet

A homeless man has denied charges relating to the theft of a motorcycle.

Mourad Khalif, 40, an asylum seeker from Libya was charged with stealing and damaging the motorcycle in Hamrun yesterday evening. He was also charged with riding it without a licence and insurance as well as with dangerous and reckless driving. He was further accused of disobeying police orders and riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

The court was requested to ban the man from driving. Prosecution and defence counsel were asked to approach the bench where they discussed the case at length with the magistrate.

Khalif, who appeared in court with one arm in a sling and the other heavily bandaged, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He told the court that he doesn’t work and has no fixed address. There was no request for bail.

Police Inspector Stacy Attard prosecuted.

Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia was defence counsel.