‘Fascism beckons’: Sant takes harsh stance against Hungarian anti-LGBTIQ legislation

The new controversial Hungarian law, according to MEP Alfred Sant, is purposely vague and will create a context in which LGBTIQ people will feel threatened, unprotected and where homophobic attacks could be allowed. ‘This way,’ Sant warns, ‘fascism beckons’

MEP Alfred Sant has taken a harsh stance against Hungary’s new and controversial anti- LGBTIQ legislation, insisting that, “One cannot tolerate public discrimination and hate speech in the EU against LGBTIQ citizens and other minorities and it is even more unacceptable that such discrimination and injustice is being set into a national law, as in Hungary.”

While voting in favour of a European Parliament resolution on ‘Breaches of EU law and of the rights of LGBTIQ citizens in Hungary as a result of the adopted legal changes in the Hungarian Parliament, Sant told the EP’s plenary session this that the new law blatantly restricts the rights and freedoms of LGBTIQ persons, as well as children’s rights.

“The issues at stake go beyond considerations and legal procedures related to Article 7, which have in the past been subject to partisan manipulation. They relate to human rights values as enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty of the EU. About these, there can be no compromise.”

On 15 June, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a law originally intended to fight paedophilia, which, following amendments proposed by members of Victor Orban’s ruling Fidesz party, contains clauses prohibiting the portrayal of homosexuality and gender-reassignment to minors.

The law also prohibits homosexuality and gender reassignment from being featured in sex education classes and stipulates that such classes can now only be taught by registered organisations. 

Sant adds, “Under the guise of ‘protecting children from information advocating for a denial of traditional family values’, a government in the European Union is discriminating between citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation.

“The new law, purposely vague, will create a context in which LGBTIQ people will feel threatened, unprotected and where homophobic attacks could be allowed. This way, fascism beckons.”

Sant went labelled the new Hungarian legislation as disgraceful and insisted that that an elected democratic government respectful of European values should equally protect each citizen without any discrimination.

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