Election Playbook: In the land of the F-Living

Metsola in Ukraine, Muscat on F-Living – here’s day nine of the election campaign

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Just keep F-Living: It was a good day for Muscat after a judge granted him partial access to the Vitals inquiry, specifically the parts that mention him. Muscat’s lawyers have long been trying to obtain access to the inquiry, and no doubt they would be celebrating this. MEP candidate Daniel Attard (PL) described it as “the start of a long road to justice”, and Marija Sara Vella Gafa (also PL) said "we will observe until the truth prevails". The NGO Repubblika was less impressed. Hours later, Muscat went on F-Living for an interview, where he said he would “hold those responsible for this red herring, personally responsible for the €11 million spent on the magisterial inquiry”.

Metsola visits Ukraine: European Parliament president Roberta Metsola celebrated Europe Day on Thursday by visiting Kyiv in Ukraine. She was accompanied by a group of Maltese journalists, and MaltaToday was there to follow it all. Metsola met with President Volodymyr Zelensky to deliver speeches on the occasion of Europe Day, although this was interrupted by air raid sirens, forcing them to retreat into a shelter. Metsola then visited the Ukrainian parliament, telling its members that EU accession for Ukraine is only a matter of time.

Trouble for Fearne: In Brussels, MEPs seem unimpressed with the fact that Chris Fearne, who is Malta's nomination for EU Commissioner, might have pending criminal charges of defrauding the government and misappropriation of funds. Outgoing Labour MEP Cyrus Enger told MaltaToday made a point on the European Parliament's high standards when approving commissioners. Context for the newbies: the European Parliament has a committee that approves or disregards nominees for EU Commissioner roles, even though the European Commission is a separate entity altogether. Other MEPs on this committee said anyone facing such investigations should not even be considered for such a political position. 

Platonic Portelli: You know that one kid in Systems of Knowledge classes that takes Ancient Greek politics a bit too seriously? The one who says not everyone deserves to vote? Well meet Terrence Portelli, contesting the European election for the far-right Imperium Europa. He was one of the candidates that took part in a small debate on Popolin, and while the other candidates where talking about the Labour Party, the Nationalist Party, the wider PN-PL structure, Portelli made his unironic pitch for implementing a direct Athenian-style democracy and switching from the euro back to our own national currency, backed by precious metals. It’s good to get out of the house and touch grass sometimes, and it's good to remind ourselves of what Imperium Europa stands for as a party.

Candidate-watch: Mina Jack Tolu (ADPD) attended an event by the European Commission representation in Malta to celebrate Europe Day. Sandra Gauci (ADPD) was interviewed on Jon Mallia's podcast in his coverage of independent and third party voices in this election. Ralph Cassar (ADPD) and Mina Jack Tolu (ADPD) confirmed the colour green on the ballot sheet for the first time in Malta at the Electoral Commission in Naxxar. Louise Anne Pulis (PN) featured on Net Live. Daniel Attard (PL) featured on Kalamita. Clint Azzopardi Flores (PL) held an event at the Ċentru Laburista Ħal Għaxaq. David Agius (PN), Ralph Cassar (ADPD) and Ivan Grech Mintoff (ABBA) featured on Insights on TVM for a debate.

What’s happening today?: Sandra Gauci (ADPD), Mina Jack Tolu (ADPD) and Arnold Cassola (Independent) are attending a discussion hosted by Junior College in the morning. Meanwhile, a debate by KNŻ at Casino Maltese will be attended by: Steve Ellul (PL), Thomas Bajada (PL), Daniel Attard (PL), Peter Agius (PN), Louise Ann Pulis (PN), Lee Bugeja Bartolo (PN), Sandra Gauci (ADPD), Ralph Cassar (ADPD), Mina Jack Tolu (ADPD), Ivan Grech Mintoff (ABBA), Tania Gauci Fiorini (ABBA), James Ryder (Independent), Arnold Cassola (Independent), Matthias Iannis Portelli (Volt). The Nationalist Party will be holding a political dialogue event in Żebbuġ, Gozo at 6pm. The Labour Party will be holding a community event in Xgħajra.

Have I missed any candidate appearances? Is there an event you think I should include in the playbook? Send an email to [email protected]

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