Election Playbook: Rent-a-Joseph for this wedding season

Joseph Muscat has a packed week of speaking arrangements, and I’m wondering whether he accepts bookings – here’s your day 21 round-up

A second sneak-peek: We’ve got a second teaser for Labour’s new reality show! In it, we see the party candidates gathered around the television speaking to some young people on a Zoom call, and gearing up for some outdoor activities (and a cynical Jesmond Marshall who would rather do otherwise). They’re doing obstacle courses! Horseback riding! And they don’t have a bed for everyone. Now it’s really starting to give Love Island vibes, but hopefully without the 7 Days Croissants and Camel-brand dip.

Muscat rallies the crowds: Joseph Muscat is gearing up for his arraignment next week. Last night he was the guest speaker at an activity organised by Clint Azzopardi Flores, and tonight he will be addressing the crowd at an event by Alex Agius Saliba. On Friday, Muscat will also attend Daniel Attard’s rally in Bormla. And on Saturday, Muscat will be at Marija Sara Vella Gafa’s morning activity. He also recorded a small video message praising the MEP hopeful. So, is Joseph Muscat now taking bookings? Does he do weddings and funerals? I’m curious to see his rates.

Cassola’s banners: Independent candidate Arnold Cassola does not fear the banner bandits. On Tuesday, several banners were set up across Malta to promote his campaign under the new tagline “Issa ċ-Ċans” (Now’s the chance). In a small statement to the press, Cassola thanked his young volunteers who have been contributing to his campaign and said Maltese people are looking forward to breaking the PNPL duopoly. “Such aims are truly achievable. The excitement is palpable!” he said.  

One of Cassola's banners in Santa Venera (Photo: Arnold Cassola)
One of Cassola's banners in Santa Venera (Photo: Arnold Cassola)

Local council-watch: This will absolutely not be a recurring feature of the Playbook, but since we had two local council-related news stories on Tuesday, we’re taking the opportunity. The first story concerns Santa Venera mayor Stephen Sultana, who is recontesting the election this year, and who was also acquitted of drunk and dangerous driving charges after the court found insufficient evidence against him. The court also doubted the credibility of the LESA officers who accused Sultana, noting his prior complaints about their dereliction of duty. In a second story, Floriana PN councillor James Aaron Ellul called for proper maintenance and appreciation of his locality’s neglected Jubilee Grove, expressing concerns about mysterious red markings on the trees that could indicate severe pruning or removal.

What’s happening today?: The Labour Party will be in Balzan at 5:15pm, in Attard at 5:45pm, and in Ħamrun at 6:30pm. The Nationalist Party will in be in Santa Venera at the same time.

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