20-year-old woman arrested in Marsa drugs bust

188 satchets of drugs were recovered, with a street value of €4,000


Photo: Malta Police Force
Photo: Malta Police Force

Large quantities of cocaine, crack cocaine and hashish were seized during a drugs bust this morning. 

Days of observation on a Marsa garage, allegedly being used to sell drugs, led to an order for the building to be blocked off by the Rapid Intervention Unit. The Special Intervention Unit entered by cutting through an iron door, the rest of the garage door was bolted from the inside.

Once access was opened, the Drug Squad entered and arrested a 20-year-old girl on charges of drug trafficking.

Police found 63 sachets of heroin, 110 satchets of cocaine, and 15 satchets of crack cocaine wrapped up and ready to sell. A considerable amount of cash was found in the same room. 

The total street value of the drugs found was estimated to be €4,000.

The Police Dog Section searched through the premises and were assisted by the Forensic Police. 

An inquiry has been opened by Magistrate Rachel Montebello, who has since appointed various experts to assist in the case.