Opposition leader Simon Busuttil tomorrow’s guest on Reporter

Reporter to analyse the Opposition’s decisions and stands on various current issues and the change Busuttil has brought to the PN.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil

PN and Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil will be tomorrow's guest on Saviour's Balzan current affairs programme Reporter on TVM.

MediaToday Managing Editor Balzan will analyse the work of the Nationalist Party as parliament's opposition.

Reporter, a ‘hard talk' style programme, will also evaluate the PN's decisions and stands on various current issues, amongst which include the change that Busuttil has brought to the Nationalist Party since his election as leader.

The PN Leader will also be quizzed on how the PN intends to regain the trust of the electorate after its loss in the general election in March.

Reporter is aired live every Monday at 6.55pm on TVM. The programme is repeated on TVM2 on Monday at 10.15pm.

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Mr. Balzan should berate Dr. Busuttil on his many gaffes. Also on why everything that has been proposed was shot down and machine-gunned. Why is it that when there is negative impact on the PN, in the news in general, his party tries to lambaste whatever the Government is doing. Why is everything so negative, Dr. Busuttil? Why did you resort to berating your country on the European platform? Why are you resorting to belittling your country's efforts to curb National debt? The Labour party never went to the European fora to shame its country. Why does the PN do so? Is it not the same story as the 1980's? Mr. Balzan, can you please put these questions to Dr. Busuttil tomorrow?