Mediterranean Bank Cup and Ladies' 7's League review

A review of all the rugby matches played this weekend.

Overseas easily defeated the Stompers - Photo by Ian Aquilina
Overseas easily defeated the Stompers - Photo by Ian Aquilina

by Bryan Corlett

Mediterranean Bank Cup

Sliema Stompers Versus Swieqi Overseas - 0-27

From spring last week to a winters day on Saturday, the conditions could not have been more different as both teams ran out for this all important game in the Mediterranean Bank Cup competition.

Stompers had won last week over Kavallieri and had defeated the Overseas the last time they had played, they were looking to take it one step further. But Overseas had other ideas.

Overseas kicked off with the wind behind them and immediately went on the attack with their big runners Harvey(3) Schembri(4) and Pijoan(5) taking the ball over the gain line and creating space for their backline to move the ball wide, but the wind was playing havoc with their passing game.

With 10 minutes on the clock after constant Overseas pressure on the Stomper's tryline The Overseas Captain Harvey(3)scored as a knockon puts the ball into the hands of Holland(9) who offloaded to Harvey and his strength puts him over. Overseas 5 to nil.

Stompers were trying to get into the game playing their trademark wide game with the backs running but their forwards were not winning the battle up front to give them go forward ball.

Overseas were dominating up front in the scrums pushing and wheeling the Stompers scrum. A rare Stomper's attack faltered inside the 22 and Stivala(13) thumped it 75 metres to relieve the pressure on his line. Cerketta(1) and Ellul(4) were trying to get into the game carrying the ball but the dogged Oversea's defence was stalwart.

Cassar(8) having a storming game carried the ball upfield, offloaded to Holland(9) who stepped and weaved but a high tackle halted his progress, a yellow card was flashed by Referee Edwin Ward and Jeremy Debattista(12) was sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes.

Overseas kicked for the corner from the lineout Overseas had a catch and maul the ball went left and wide Duchange(12) bumped off a would be tackler and offloaded to Stivala who scored.

Overseas 10 to nil.

On 30 minutes Overseas scored from a series of pick and goes close to the Stomper's line and quick ball to the backs for Vince Stivala(13)to score again.

Overseas 15 to nil.

Overseas again attack with Cameron Brown(15)running strongly but Gauchi(11) is forced into touch but it was still pressure on Stompers. From a scrum on the 5 metres Clayton Cassar crashed over after holding the ball in the back. Overseas 20 to nil.

Just before half time Stompers attacked won a penalty kicked for goal but missed.

The second half with the wind Stompers attacked the Overseas line persistently but for 20 minutes Overseas defended resolutely and as Stompers attacked Stivala intercepted a pass and ran it back 75 metres to score, Overseas 27 to nil.

Ogger(6) for Overseas was yellow carded for an offence.

Stompers were desperate and tried everything to get their team going, none more so than Richard Gum(22) on now at flyhalf, but nothing was working, as Overseas tackled everything that moved.

A big win for Overseas with their pressure in the scrum and defence out wide, especially Duchange(12). Man of the Match: Vince Stivala, but every Overseas player should be commended for playing with such intensity, not allowing Stompers into the game.

Ladies’ 7’s League

Kavallieri Verus Falcons. 5-14

The early games faced the bad weather as the rain poured down and the wind blew but bravely the Women's rugby played on with the first game between Kavallieri and Falcons not flowing as usual, as cold hands and the wind played havoc with an open game but the ladies stepped up with play swinging from side to side. Silvia Gambino(13) broke in open play offloaded to Marion Azzopardi(7) and they swept left but a knock on kills the play. Beverie Sultana(12) and passed to Gafa(9) but she stepped into touch. Again Beverie Sultana(12) received the ball after a backline move and she pushed off a tackler and scored. 7 to nil at half time.

From the Falcon's kick off they pressured Kavallieri but Maria Spiteri(9) ran it out of trouble. Katherine Pace Moore(7) ran strongly passed to Spiteri(9) on to Sarah Debono(5) then to Lawra Grima(20) who straightened but Falcons shut down the play.amanda Cassar(2) put in a great covering tackle on Maria Spiteri(9). Marion Azzopardi(7) ran the blind side is held up but offloaded to Vrbacka(16) who scored. 14 to nil.

From the kick off Maria Spiteri(9) sprinted 50 metres with three Falcons in pursuit, she is dragged down close to the line but Amanda Cassar(2) scooped it up and scored, making the final score 14 to 5 to Falcons.

Kavallieri versus Overseas. 12-10

From the kick off Justine Zammit(17) showed good ball skills chipping a rolling ball into her hands and offloading. Tessabelle Sultana(12) broke right but a dropped pass ended the move. Maria Spiteri(9) from her own line the ball went down the line to Amanda Cassar(2) but a tackle ends the move, tessabelle Sultana is trying to get her team going doubling around taking a return pass but the move fizzled out.

Pace Moore(7) had a strong run broke the defence and offloaded to Maria Spiteri(9) and she ran from her 22 to score. Conversion was good. Kavallieri 7 Overseas 0.

Amanda from a free kick tapped and ran to score from 50 metres out. Kavallieri 12  to nil.

Kim Micallef(8) tapped a quick penalty passed to Victoria Sciberaas(22) but an outstretched hand grabbed her hair, but the offender is yellow carded. A quick tap and go by Tessabelle Sultana(12) she ran and passed to Clara Castillo(5) who scored. Kavallieri 12 Overseas 5.

The kick off didn't go 10 metres from a play from the tap Tamsin Pace Moore kicks the ball through but is tackled without the ball from the tap for the penalty Tessabelle Sultana scored running from 22 metres out. Final score Kavallieri 12 Overseas 10.

The Falcons were just too strong for Overseas. Photo by Ian Aquilina
The Falcons were just too strong for Overseas. Photo by Ian Aquilina

Falcons Versus Overseas. - 24-0

Falcons were too strong for Overseas as the first score is within a minute with Beverie Sultana(12) drew the defence and passed to Silvia Gambino(13) ran it in to score under the posts. The conversion is good Falcons 7 to nil.

Beverie Sultana(12) scored from a quick line out with Marion Azzopardi(7) going wide passed to Caroline Gafa(9) then back to Beverie who fended off a tackler to score. Falcons 12 to nil.

Charlotte Evans(19) was trying to get her team into the game running strongly. Tamsin Pace Decesare saved the day chasing back to save a certain try from a kick through.

Katka Vrbacka(16) scored from a tap penalty. Falcons 17 to nil.

The second half has Falcons running strongly Marion Azzopardi(7) passed to Beverie Sultana(12) then doubled around then on to Silvia Gambino, it looked good but a tackle ended the play.

Marion Azzopardi(7) made the last play running strongly swerved and sidestepped her way 50 metres to score under the posts. Final score with the conversion 24 to nil.

All matches were refereed by Phil Gibbs

Other games Kavallieri 54 Gladiators 0 in the Men's game. A comment heard from Rugby Development Officer, Daniel Holliday, "this week 1000 kids played Rugby in the schools. "

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