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[WATCH] Prime Minister vows to resign if inquiry links him to Egrant
A June election on the cards?
Michael Falzon
Labour presses Busuttil to have OLAF investigate PN MEPs’ accounts
PN leader promises permanent anti-corruption magistrate post
PN raises €275,940 in fundraising telethon
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[WATCH] Magistrate to hear Busuttil on evidence over alleged IIP kickbacks
[WATCH] Busuttil claims to have ‘irrefutable’ evidence, makes himself available to magisterial inquiry
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Updated | Greens to hold coalition talks with PN on Friday
Schembri denies kickbacks allegations, says loan to Tonna was in 2012
[WATCH] Busuttil accuses Keith Schembri of receiving kickbacks from passport sales, calls for immediate arrest
Gaffarena testifies on Busuttil meeting, says PN was only interested in Daewoo papers
Updated 3 | 'Malta is a democracy, the law must be respected by everyone' – President
[WATCH] PN leader urges President Coleiro Preca to ask for Prime Minister’s resignation
De Marco: Country at crossroads because of dark shadow cast over its institutions
Stakes are high: crunch time on Egrant
Busuttil says Muscat has conflict of interest in magisterial inquiry ‘cover-up’
Muscat: ‘Declaration claiming Egrant belongs to my wife is fake’
[WATCH] Busuttil calls for Muscat's resignation, calls for national protest
[WATCH] Busuttil appeals to public for information on secret Panama company Egrant
PN reiterates pledge to raise environment above partisan politics
Cartoon: 16 April 2016
A coalition too far?
Cartoon: 12 April 2017
A coalition with no ‘red lines’
Miriam Dalli
[WATCH] Deputy leader plays down lack of active involvement in PN-PD coalition talks
Updated | PN would order fresh inquiry into Gozo drug prosecution case - Busuttil
Opposition demands immediate publication of Gozo drugs inquiry report
Updated | Democratic Party candidates to run on PN ticket
Labour hits out at PN ‘attack on constitutional body’
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Busuttil promises national infrastructure overhaul, including metro
Updated | Busuttil: Gozo drug inquiry a ‘whitewash’
Updated | Malta risks ‘serious ramifications’ due to populist tactics, Busuttil warns
Budget surplus came at the expense of infrastructure, Busuttil warns
‘People want EU to fight corruption’, Busuttil tells European leaders
Busuttil warns populism is no solution to Europe’s woes