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Riding the perfect storm | Mario de Marco
Interview 30-04

Mario de Marco acknowledges that the Nationalist Party was hit and sunk by a ‘perfect storm,’ but sees opp...
The PN’s off-menu option | Raymond Bugeja
Interview 22-04

The Nationalist Party seriously needs to pull something out of a hat to overturn its recent electoral defeat. ...
Last man standing | Simon Busuttil
Interview 15-04

Deputy leader Simon Busuttil took much of the blame for the PN’s electoral rout on 9 March. But did he reall...
Taking stock in the lion’s den | Leo Brincat
Interview 10-04

In opposition Leo Brincat distinguished himself as an effective critic of the PN. Now he finds himself address...
The PN’s new ‘soldiers of steel’ | Francis Zammit Dimech
Interview 02-04

Veteran MP Francis Zammit Dimech confirms his intention to run for the PN leadership, while hailing the 103,00...
Call of duty: build new PN | Ian Castaldi Paris
Interview 26-03

Contesting for the role of PN secretary general in June, Lija mayor Ian Castaldi Paris speaks frankly about th...
‘Fenech Adamis made PN their own property’ - Debono
Interview 18-03

Putting his finger on the reason why the PN was trounced at the polls, Franco Debono gives the problem names a...
The time of absolutism is over | Claudio Grech
Interview 18-03

The PN must rekindle the grassroots activists' sense of belonging, says Austin Gatt's former right-hand man.
Spectacles, pleasure and tribalism | Immanuel Mifsud
Interview 10-03

It’s not every day that author Immanuel Mifsud is asked to share his thoughts about the Malta that he portra...
‘It is up to the electorate to judge me’ | Lawrence Gonzi
Interview 04-03

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi admits that mistakes may have been made during his term of office, but insists t...
‘Campaigning in poetry, governing in poetry’ | Joseph Muscat
Interview 04-03

Opposition leader Joseph Muscat, 39, has spent two months spreading a ‘positive’ message and pledging a br...
Only a clean sweep can save MEPA | Ian Castaldi Paris
Interview 20-02

Outspoken Lija mayor (and PN candidate) Ian Castaldi Paris argues that it will take more than just a 25% reduc...
Nurturing business while maintaining a social conscience | Evarist Bartolo
Interview 20-02

According to Labour Party’s spokesperson for education and civil rights Evarist Bartolo, it is only the PL t...
Practical politics | Deborah Schembri
Interview 06-02

Coming from a PN background but pledging her political career to Labour, lawyer and former pro-divorce campaig...
A progressive outlook for Gozo | David Camilleri
Interview 03-02

Alternattiva Demokratika candidate David Camilleri tells MIRIAM DALLI how AD’s vision for a ‘working Eco-G...