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Man accused of holding wife captive jailed nine months for breaching bail conditions
Court & Police
Roddie Williams has forfeited €63,000 for breaching bail conditions
No bail for man who assaulted partner with a glass bottle
Court & Police
A Swedish national who was accused of smashing a beer bottle on his...
Heroin user acquitted of supplying drugs with her partner
Court & Police
A woman has been acquitted of the charges of procuring and supplying...
Jordan Azzopardi’s drug peddler released on bail
Court & Police
Luke Farrugia, one of the drug peddlers for Malta's 'El...
Young man accused of trying to run over police officer remanded in custody
Court & Police
Youth who tried to run over a female police officer is a recidivist
Gozo heroin supplier gets one year in prison
Court & Police
A woman accused of procuring and supplying heroin in Victoria Gozo has been...
[WATCH] 'This is not the country I know,' Adrian Delia says
The Nationalist Party has asked for an independent inquiry into how the young...
[WATCH] Muscat urges integration, says 'horror story' can serve a lesson
Joseph Muscat said that the Souleymane murder should urge the Maltese to seek...