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Mediterranean ports expected to rotate on migrant disembarkation, minister reveals
A number of Mediterranean ports will be designated disembarkation spots but if...
[WATCH] Birgu marina gets new seabin
The seabins will be employed to clear the water from debris and microplastics...
Taxpayer money that funded PM's passport road shows should be refunded - Arnold Cassola
Former MEP candidate Arnold Cassola has written to the Auditor General over the...
Man who hurled stones at couple he robbed jailed for five years
Court & Police
The man pleaded guilty to the charges of violent assault and robbery and for...
Man gets probation for threatening ‘rowdy’ neighbours with a lead pipe
Court & Police
The man told how the two residents smoked in the common area, took out rubbish...
[WATCH] Updated | European ministers agree on migrant disembarkation and relocation system
Home affairs ministers from five EU countries reach agreement on migrant...
[WATCH] Migration summit: NGOs tell EU to 'get your ships together'
Rescue NGOs and Graffitti have called on EU home affairs ministers meeting in...
NGOs call for asylum-seekers to be immediately disembarked before relocation agreements
NGOs have called for a permanent system of disembarkation and relocation of...