David Hudson is a staff reporter

Overpopulated Malta like ‘Barcelona, Venice, Pozzallo and Singapore’ cocktail, says minister
‘We need to learn how to live together… in small overcrowded...
Two Serbian nationals to be deported after being charged with aggravated theft
Court & Police
Police arrested two men in Victoria, Gozo, after committing two robberies in...
Russian suspects arrested over Sergei Skripal nerve agent poisoning
Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) gather enough evidence to charge Alexander...
Farmers in the south of Malta get full access to 'new water'
Third and largest water polishing plant at Ta' Barkat in Xghajra...
Developers call for register of building contractors
The Malta Developers Association called on the government to compile an...
Ten people arrested in Valletta for illegal gambling
Court & Police
A total of ten Romanian nationals were arrested for illegal gambling...
Electric-powered 'luzzu' could offer lower emissions alternative for sea transport
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli and Education minister Evarist Bartolo were given a...
Transport figures show urgent need for long-term strategy, PN insists
The Nationalist Party said that despite the data covering 2016, it is clear...

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