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Malta Enterprise approved 128 projects with forecast investment of €240 million in 2017
Business News
During 2017, Malta Enterprise approved 128 projects, contributing to a total...
Malta ranks worst in recycling in the EU
A report from the European Commission has looked at all EU member states and...
First section of Trump's wall has been unveiled at Mexico border
The first section of Trump's wall at the Mexico border has been completed...
Moviment Graffitti resort to email campaign to demand change to fuel stations policy
Moviment Graffitti have launched an email campaign after a wait of ten months...
PD calls for international body to fight crime in Malta
Partit Demokratiku (PD) have expressed their concern with regards to organised...
Activists prosecuted for helping migrants could face 10 years' imprisonment
Seven French nationals are facing the risk of imprisonment and a hefty fine of...
Sfilata taking over Valletta as part of V18 creative programme
Valletta 2018
A parade, Sfilata fil-Kapitali, will be the ubiquitous festivity in Valletta...
Updated | DB boss says City Centre price benchmark should be applied to White Rocks
DB group CEO Arthur Gauci has insisted the hotel group's acquisition of the...

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