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Updated | Repubblika seeks urgent European investigative order on Vitals
Court & Police
Repubblika file court application after revelation that former VGH director Ram...
Hunting made possible in nine out of twelve months, Birdlife says
With new amendments extending the wild rabbit hunting season, Birdlife said...
Soldier accused of Souleymane murder admitted he didn’t like black people
Court & Police
Francesco Fenech, the man believed to have pulled the trigger, threatened to...
[WATCH] Labour, PN accuse each other of creating conditions for Lassana Souleymane murder
In a final explosive televised debate, the two most prominent MEP candidates...
PN renews promise to pay back Maltese people robbed by overcharging utility bills
On Wednesday, the Ombudsman told PN MEP candidate Michael Briguglio that it was...
Mum’s the word from V18 ministers over gentrification assault on Valletta
Valletta 2018
V18 minister Deo Debattista shut down debate and says Valletta legacy ‘no...
Young woman cleared of stealing from grandmother to buy drugs
Court & Police
The court ruled that the crime could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt
Englishman handed suspended sentence for bearing unlicensed weapons
Court & Police
The man was attempting to send the weapons to his brother in the UK