David Hudson is an IGM press awards (Investigative stories) winner of 2019

[WATCH] ‘We can no longer promise super profits’, says Bank of Valletta CEO
Business News
Prudence is Bank of Valletta’s watchword as bank announces de-risking...
Traffic, construction, loss of open spaces… it is becoming stressful
According to psychologists over-development, traffic congestion, overpopulation...
Man seriously injured while operating machinery
Court & Police
A Fgura man was hit in the head while he was operating printing machinery at...
[WATCH] Vodafone to use Malta as a test bed for new technologies
One pilot project to be undertaken by the government and Vodafone will see...
Steward Healthcare workers should become government employees, union says
UHM insisted that Steward Healthcare professionals who worked within the same...
Louis Galea says it's time the PN becomes more relevant to the electorate
Former Minister and now charged with reforming the Nationalist Party, Louis...
Confidence in Delia reflects electorate's lack of faith in him, Mark Anthony Sammut says
Former President of the Nationalist Party's Executive Committee said that...
Government says finances for first half of 2019 in line with targets
Business News
The Finance Ministry said that government expenditure in the first half of the...